Lake Wilderness features a mixture of open grassy areas, manicured gardens, and trails in the forest. Distinct features such as fences, buildings, and roads, will help novice navigators. The arboretum area, with its many small trails, provides a fun opportunity for orienteering ping-pong for advanced orienteers.

Note: Samples of the map are provided here for educational purposes only; the map shown here is not kept up-to-date. The course shown is a Beginner/Intermediate course, and actual controls do not exist in the terrain.

The purpose of providing these navigational and physical ratings below is to provide greater context for how challenging an orienteering course at this venue might be. For example, an advanced-level course at a local city park will be easier to complete than an advanced-level course in the mountains.

Navigational Challenge Rating: 3/10

Lake Wilderness is a city park with ball fields and other distinct features to aid navigation. One area of hilly forest poses a few more navigational choices, and the arboretum area requires more attention to detail.

Physical Challenge Rating: 3/10

Lake Wilderness is mostly an open and flat park, with one significant hill in the forest. The trails are easy to run on.