WIOL#5 – 2023 – Ft. Steiliacoom – Training Opportunities

Race Prep

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2021 WIOL

2019 WIOL

Play the video game Running Wild

Each of these links will take you to a computer simulation video game.  The simple object is to click on the screen the route you would take to get to each checkpoint.  However, if used as a visualization and route tool, you will see it can be much more useful.  I challenge you to consider this as you do each of these levels.  Do not click just to get it over with quickly, but rather ensure that each thing you click on is a fundamental stepping stone you want to see on or near your path.  Don’t be so focused on shortest path either.  Get the most out of your training.  Do it twice:  once with urgency and once with specificity.  Then compare!  Password for each course is COC

RunningWild#1 (Intermediate)

RunningWild#2 (Advanced West)

RunningWild#3 (Advanced East)

Pre-Race:  Day of Meet

  1. Come by Coaches Corner to play around with some warmup drills or skills.  Maps will be provided for you.
  2. Only two drills will be available
    1. Compass course.  Practice compass skills BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  This will be handy at Jr. Nationals, WIOL#6, WIOL Champs, and the entire Ultimate series.  Inability to use or even bring a compass will eventually bite you in the butt.  It takes 10 times purposefully practicing with it to start to master its use.  Want to buy a compass or control code sleeve?  Talk to John Brady at the event as he always has a few to sell.  Typical thumb compasses are $40 and control code sleeves are $10.
    2. Scale course.  Get used to a 1:10,000 scale map BEFORE you start your race.  Did you know that every cm you measure on a 1:10,000 map is = to 100m.  On a 1:4,000 scale map, each cm is = 40m of real world distance.  See a pattern (just drop the last 2 zeros)?  If you were navigating between two boulders shown on your map at Ft. Steiliacoom that you measured to be 4cm apart, how far would you have to run to get from one to the other?  (Answer = 4cm x 100m => 400m)


Post Race (1PM ReRuns):  1PM Meet at Coaches Corner.  Done By 2PM

  1.  RSVP Required for map printing purposes.  Email cascadeOtraining@gmail.com with Names and event (example:  RSVP for Mike Smith for WIOL4 ReRun training).
  2. For this training event we will have the opportunity to practice either:
    1. Re-Running some checkpoints from your course using your map
    2. Borrow a map from someone else and do a few checkpoints from their map.
    3. Join in a chase-race.  Here we will look at your pace from your race and give the slower folks a head start.  Don’t get caught!  A phi loop will reduce following.  Expect approximately a 3k Re-Run course. RSVP required.




About the Route!  This is a social conversation meant for all ages.

Dial in, chat, and discuss the course and different routes with 2 experts from COC as you all enjoy talking about the “what-if’s” of orienteering.  “What if I just didn’t do something crazy here?”  Event info here.